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Our virtual services can be found on the Scan Parish YouTube channel, available on PC's, iPads and other devices with internet access including Smart TV's and smartphones. Click here for the YouTube channel. 

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Oxford Diocese Church at Home weekly recorded and live  services with audio links can be found on their website here

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Remembrance Day Reflection 2022- Revd. Bob Penman, 13th November 2022

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SCAN parish service, St Firmins, North Crawley

SCAN parish service, St Firmins, North Crawley

Pentecost Sunday, 5th June 2022- sermon given by Revd. Bob Penman

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Remembrance Sunday 14th November 2021- SCAN service address by Revd. Bob Penman

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Remember with Love, 31st October 2021

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Sunday 12th June 2021- SCAN podcast from Revd Bob Penman

Revd. Bob  talks about the parable of the  mustard seed.  Its a good one!

The sermon was part of a Holy Communion service at St Firmins, North Crawley

To listen, click on the link below:

Palm Sunday Holy Communion from St Lawrence, Chicheley, 11am 28th March 2021

Iona Communion for Passiontide, 21st March 9.30am

Revd Coralie presides and Prof John reflects on St Philip. Ted Peppar reads our Psalm and Old Testament

Evening Prayer for Mothers Day, 6pm, 14th March 2021

Mothers Day 2021 Holy Communion from St Lauds, Sherington

Broadcast on Facebook live at 10am, Revd Coralie presides and preaches

Something Different, 7th March 2021

Join us for Something Different, led by Prof John with a talk on the Ten Commandments by Revd. Pam for this Lent season

2nd Sunday in Lent, Holy Communion from St Firmins from 11am

SCAN members read Psalm 22, lectionary Bible readings and intercess for us, Prof John preaches and Revd Coralie presides

Iona Communion for the first Sunday in Lent, 9.30 am 21st February 2021

Revd. Pam presides and Revd. Bob provides the first of our Lent reflections for 2021

Evening Prayer for Ash Wednesday 2021

Revd. Coralie leads Evening Prayer in traditional language with a talk about the meaning of Ash Wednesday

Iona Communion, Sunday 14th February 2021

Something Different- 7th February 2021 Light in the Darkness

Prof John and Revd. Pam reflect on the tough place where we are and the messages of hope and light possible

SCAN Songs of Praise, 31st January 2021

Revd. Coralie reflects on the hymn choices of our congregations for the final Sunday of Epiphany. All welcome to singalong!

Holy Communion (in traditional language), 24th January 2021 from 9.30am

Revd. Coralie Mansfield presides and Revd. Bob Penman reflects on perhaps the most well known of Jesus' miracles

Iona Communion, 17th January 2021 9.30am

For the second Sunday in Epiphany, Revd. Pam presides and preaches

Iona Communion, 10th January 2021

Revd. Coralie presides and preaches, Prof. John Fielding provides intercessions and Revd. Pam Fielding is our reader

Epiphany- New Year, New Start

SCAN parish Something Different service , from 10.30 am Sunday 3rd January 2021

Nheyob - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Nheyob - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Midnight Mass, Christmas Eve 2020

Join us at St Lauds, Sherington for this most Christmas of ceremonies

Christ the King, 22nd November

Revd. Coralie presides and preaches for the festival of Christ the King, recorded at St Firmins, North Crawley

15th November 2020

Join us for the Second Sunday before Advent at St Lauds, Sherington with Revd Pam presiding

Harvest Festival 2020

Revd. Bob Penman talks about the  festival of Harvest in his sermon for the St Lauds, Sherington Holy Communion service on the 18th October 2020.  Enjoy!

Sunday 12th September 2020- SCAN podcast from Bob Penman

Revd. Bob Penman talks about the difficult and complex issues around forgiveness

The sermon was part of the first Holy Communion service at St Firmins, North Crawley since lockdown started

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Something Different 2nd August 2020

Our hymns today are:

All my hope on God is founded (AM, 336) Choral Scholars of St Martins

Be Still, for the prescence of the Lord Choral Scholars of St Martins 

Holy Communion 26th July 2020

Our hymns today are:

King of Glory, King of Peace (AM, 698) Choral Scholars of St Martins

Take this moment, sign and space (John Bell) (AM, 788) Choral Scholars of St Martins

Anthem- Jesu! Dulcis Memoria (Richard Shepherd) Choral Scholars of St Martins

Celebrant Revd Coralie, with a short sermon from Bishop Colin Fletcher, Bishop of Dorchester

Come with us as we 'perambulate' our 3 churches and act out a symbolic 'beating of the bounds' for Rogationtide. We are blessed with ancient and beautiful church buildings, and doubly blessed by their settings in even more ancient fields, byways, woodlands and homesteads; where the rhythms and cycles of life have been lived through successive generations up to the present day

An outdoor contemplative morning prayer

A narrative in words and pictures

Compline - Night prayer

Coralie, 26 March 2020

Psalm 23

The Lord's Prayer

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